Key Benefits of ClinPlus EDC

  • Supports risk-based monitoring
  • Provides customizable workflows for data entry, review, monitoring, signing and locking
  • Defines simple and complex edit logic without programming
  • Integrates seamlessly with ClinPlus Coding
  • Enables optional licensing of IWRS study by study to support randomization
  • Integration with ClinPlus CTMS is inherent and provides real-time trial management info and metrics to clinical operations
  • Allows users to easily define form groups and conditional form schedules
  • Provides flexibility with extensive configuration tools without having to rely on software vendor

Key Features of ClinPlus EDC

  • Multilanguage support
  • Advanced form table and form design tools
  • Comprehensive library of CDASH-compliant tables and forms
  • Includes many standard data management reports, ad hoc systems and clinical data listings
  • Designed to be used in a 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliant environment
  • Enables you to manage global contacts, project and site teams
  • Role-based security and access controlled at the system, domain, project, country and site levels
  • Allows you to define tool-tips and author form-specific data entry guidelines and instructions
  • Complete in-line query management

Interactive Web Response System (IWRS)

Interactive web response system (IWRS) services can be customized to provide the exact level of functionality required for your study, including group limits, auto group assign, support for blinded/un-blinded studies and randomization.

Support and Training

Our responsive support staff will address any questions and issues quickly and accurately. Initial on-site training, topic-focused webinar sessions and eLearning modules are available.

Learn More About ClinPlus Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

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