The ClinPlus® eClinical Platform is an affordable, cohesive product that integrates electronic data capture (EDC), interactive web response system (IWRS) and clinical trial management system (CTMS) features into a unified, easy-to-use platform that maximizes productivity while minimizing risk.

The ClinPlus suite of software is designed to be flexible and is delivered via a compliant private cloud. Whether you need the entire suite, an integrated platform or a single system, Anju ClinPlus, LLC can provide you with the exact solution you need for improved performance, visibility and coordination.

Key Benefits of ClinPlus eClinical Platform

  • Uses a single sign-in to access a role-based user interface with both EDC and CTMS functionality.
  • Eliminates redundant tasks, reduces errors and simplifies training by centrally managing system and project security, global contacts and institutions, project design, reports, alerts and notifications.
  • Takes advantage of real-time visibility of key performance indicators to proactively identify problems at an early stage.
  • Keeps projects on track with a broad array of portfolio, project, site and enrollment metrics.
  • Gauges investigator performance ratings using objective and subjective data from both the CTMS and EDC modules.
  • Replaces EDC/CTMS integration with simple mapping and seamless web APIs when integration with third-party systems is required.
  • Enables you to license EDC, IWRS and CTMS modules together or separately on a project-to-project basis. Should you need to license separately, ClinPlus CTMS will integrate with virtually all EDC and IVRS systems and Microsoft SharePoint. It also includes intelligent tools for importing and exporting global and project-specific data.

Support and Training

Our responsive support staff will address any questions and issues quickly and accurately. Initial on-site training, topic-focused webinar sessions and eLearning modules are available.

Learn More About ClinPlus eClinical Platform

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