CPDM integrates directly with ClinPlus Coding and ClinPlus CTMS to provide increased productivity, ease of use and low IT support requirements. The software utilizes the power of SAS, enabling you to easily develop unique databases and screens for each study. Your data is entered into SAS datasets and is instantly accessible for analysis and reporting. The system allows users to easily navigate the ever-changing data collection, analysis, research and evaluation requirements of today’s clinical trials.

ClinPlus can support paper-based and electronic studies, site-based entry or any combination of the two within the same study. By managing all your clinical data within one system, you are ensured a smooth progression, from entry of the first casebook to a clean and secure database lock.

ClinPlus Data Management Features

Clinical Study Design

CPDM is flexible enough to build simple and complex data entry systems. Our software offers many clinical study design features including range checks for individual variables, intricate cursor movement and pop-up selection lists. Mid-study modifications to structures and screens can be applied in minutes with minimum disruption to the data entry process.

Clinical Data Entry and Verification

With CPDM, you can perform single or double-key entry, with verification completed concurrently with second key and status maintained at the variable level. Many CPDM features enhance data entry operations by helping you work more efficiently and will significantly strengthen the overall performance of your data processing team.

Clinical Data Review and Correction Cycle

Data cleanup does not have to impact a project’s momentum as CPDM supports both manual and computerized review before, during and after data entry.

Clinical Study Management

Throughout each study, you’ll want to evaluate progress including the number of pages at each stage of the process, pages and queries that are past due, and personnel performance. CPDM includes a dashboard that includes key study metrics and an interactive view with access to each patient’s casebook, CRF tracking, queries and clinical records.

CRF Tracking

CPDM offers superior capabilities for accessing information through all processing phases of your project. CRFs may be tracked individually, at the visit level or at the casebook level. CPDM supports batch tracking and provides the ability to have key information embedded in bar codes.

Audit Trail Maintenance

All user functions are logged, including data entry and initialization actions, and changes to verified data, query resolution, security settings, data structure and SAS formats. A variety of reports are at your fingertips to summarize the status and history of each page and record, allowing you to meet all audit trail requirements.

Support and Training

Our responsive support staff will address any questions and issues quickly and accurately. Initial on-site training, topic-focused webinar sessions and eLearning modules are available.

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