With much of clinical trial data being collected at different sites, by different physicians, in different time zones and increasingly in different cultures, one of the greatest challenges in achieving clean data is to control the consistency of terminology throughout the study.

As the most flexible clinical coding solution in the industry, ClinPlus® Coding is guaranteed to meet all of your adverse event and drug coding needs. As the industry’s most powerful coding tool, ClinPlus Coding enables users to meet all their coding challenges with unmatched speed and accuracy. Our software leverages Microsoft .NET, SQL Server technology and the latest changes in dictionary formats and evolving industry requirements, yet still retains the reliability and flexibility ClinPlus users have come to expect.

Key Benefits ClinPlus Coding

Includes Multiple Dictionary Support

ClinPlus Coding supports any dictionary including MedDRA, WHO Drug (B and C formats), COSTART and WHO-ART, as well as custom dictionaries and multiple versions of the same dictionary.

Provides a Task-Oriented, User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive user interface facilitates quick navigation to required tasks and promotes more rapid user familiarity.

Achieves Outstanding Hit Rates During Auto-Coding

ClinPlus Coding runs at unprecedented speed — thousands of records are auto-coded in less than a minute and details of each coding job are permanently maintained. Our phrase substitution feature dramatically increases your hit rates and allows you to take full control for substitution, removal or modification of single words, phrases or any information contained within the qualifiers. It also recognizes typos and plurals.

Maintains Consistency and Control

One of the biggest challenges when coding is maintaining consistency while still retaining the ability to control your coding decisions. With ClinPlus Coding, you can do both easily because the system “learns” as you code.

Maintains Terms and Medications Not Found in Your Dictionary

Our coding software comes with a supplemental thesaurus that maintains adverse event terms and medication names that either are not found in the main dictionary or are used to override dictionary coding.

Manages Multiple SOC or ATC codes

When you encounter codes that link to multiple System Organ Class (SOC) or Anatomical Therapeutic Class (ATC) codes, you can choose these yourself or let the system assign the dictionary default. When auto-coding, the system can preselect the default or primary path as defined in the dictionary.

Ensures Compliance by Keeping Track of All Decisions

Every code assignment and method are recorded in an audit trail that provides access to the coding history on each record, along with summary information for each auto-coding job. All these coding decisions may be reviewed and eventually marked as approved. The audit trail will record the details of every approval.

Produces a Variety of Custom Reports

The report interface allows you to produce a variety of the predefined coding reports such as All Terms, Uncoded Terms, Coded Terms, Multiple Body System/ATC, Frequency Counts or Coding History. The system is also flexible enough that you can create your own custom reports from scratch.

Support and Training

Our responsive support staff will address any questions and issues quickly and accurately. Initial on-site training, topic-focused webinar sessions and eLearning modules are available.

Learn More About ClinPlus Coding

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