Key Benefits of ClinPlus CTMS

  • Quick Study Setup

    Create standard templates for project and site documents, events, milestones, site visit reports and budgets and modify as needed for each study. Sites, site teams and project teams are assembled from global contacts and global institution files.

  • Superior Document Management

    Electronic trial master file (eTMF) structures may be defined for document organization. Documents may reside in the CTMS database, Microsoft SharePoint or in a directory structure. Document sharing, notifications for expired or expiring documents and collection statistics are included.

  • eTMF Harmonization

    ClinPlus CTMS and eTMF integration delivers a simplified, cost-effective process of managing, tracking and storing documents within a single system. By using the included Drug Information Association (DIA) reference model, sponsors and CROs can easily define a project-specific TMF structure.

  • Fully Integrated Monitoring Tools

    The calendar feature, integrated with Microsoft Outlook, allows project managers to view the project team’s schedule easily. The fully integrated site visit report (SVR) tool simplifies SVR creation, eliminates duplicate data entry and supports review and workflow management each step of the way.

  • Excellent Project Insight

    Enrollment rates, document collection and milestones are displayed graphically for projected versus actual values. More than 100 statistics, maintained for projects, countries and sites, may be included on the dashboard and in more than 80 standard reports.

  • Study Finance Management

    With ClinPlus CTMS, you can define site-specific budgets from a default budget template, track accrued payments and future obligations, define automatic or manual approval of each payment type and produce invoices on behalf of investigators.</li.

  • CTMS/EDC/IxRS Integration

    ClinPlus CTMS supports web services technology to provide seamless, automatic integration with many popular EDC and IxRS products. For systems not supporting web services, integration is supported via an export/import mechanism. Our ability to integrate with Rave EDC has helped ClinPlus become the first to earn Medidata Technology Partner status.

  • CTMS Implementation

    ClinPlus CTMS is available as a cloud-based solution or can be installed on site. The system is installed preconfigured to common industry standards, while any client- and study-specific configurations are easily accomplished using the built-in configuration modules so custom programming is not required.

ClinPlus product specialists are available to help bring the system to production status quickly with minimal costs.

Support and Training

Our responsive support staff will address any questions and issues quickly and accurately. Initial on-site training, topic-focused webinar sessions and eLearning modules are available.

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