Linking SDTM / ODM for better FDA Submissions of clinical data

Electronic Data Capture – Technology Blog A forum for discussing topics related to Electronic Data Capture and Clinical Data Management. Thursday, April 1, 2010 If this is not already underway, I think it is time that we examined how we can do a better job of combining SDTM data submissions with ODM data and metadata.   […]

Finding and Communicating Data Trends Effectively in Clinical Trials

An interesting article on the communications of Data Trends from the Q4 SCDM Newsletter… Finding and Communicating Data Trends Effectively Throughout a Clinical TrialBy Shelina Thomas, PharmaNet, LLC Whether you work in Pharma or at a CRO, one of the key responsibilities as a data manager working on clinical trials is to ensure high data […]

Report Presentation – From Laboratory to Medicine Cabinet, Safely

The role of data presentation in the drug development lifecycle       New medicines are constantly being developed through a series of controlled trials which assess the safety and efficacy of each new medicine by applying high scientific standards. An experimental medicine is first tested in the laboratory and in animal studies. After this […]