The Essentials 2010: What You Need in a CTMS Now!

Pick any sector, any endeavor, any corner of the globe you like: 2010 promises to be a challenging year. Although somewhat insulated from economic downturns due to the long development cycles of its products, pharma is certainly not immune to the malaise gripping the globe. Certainly, one thing seemingly unstifled by the global downturn is […]

Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Lease Me Your Clinical Software!

  In clinical research and trials, leasing software often makes sense Few sectors are under more pressure to deliver, deliver quickly, and deliver more and better results than ever before than the pharmaceutical sector. Farmers, for example, face the elements, are always trying to find new ways to squeeze an extra kernel of corn out […]

A tables and listings discussion from LinkedIn Groups

  Group: Northeast Clinical Programmers and Biostatisticians Are you spending too much time custom programming to achieve the desired results for tables and listings? Our all new Report template library saves time and frustration. Comment: Vendors tools such as ClinPlus for creating tables and listings are too expensive for sponsors on a long-term basis, and […]

5 reasons Pharma still favors SAS software for clinical in 2010

In 1897, after reading his obituary in the New York Journal, author and humorist Mark Twain famously quipped, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Similarly, for life sciences organizations, the clinical-trials stalwart that are SAS solutions, remain as viable, relevant, industry-leading, and cost-effective as ever. The economic forecast for 2010 continues to look […]

Data Management for Clinical Studies 2010

Found this informative blog post that nicely summarizes all the areas of concern for clinical data management moving into the year 2010. The management of data at the clinical study level is the foundation of what will eventually become one of the many building blocks of your clinical submission to FDA. Considerations that must be […]

Questions to Ask Before Buying Clinical Data Management Software

Introduction: While choosing the wrong product is never a good idea, when it comes to clinical trials software, the wrong product could be disastrous for your company. We’ve made a genuine, good will effort to compile the most important factors that should be considered before buying. Some questions are fairly basic, but most are insightful […]